tutorial icon3D Text with Photoshop

Step 1

Create a new document in Adobe Photoshop with the size 400x400 pixels and a white background. Type a text with a red color. I used the text “web” for this tutorial:

text start

Step 2

Duplicate the layer with the text. To do this, right click in the Layers Tab (on the layer which want to duplicate) and choose Duplicate Layer. Set the “Fill” to 0% and add stroke to the new layer; use the next settings for the stroke effect:

stroke settings34

And the result:

stroke effect34

Step 3

Duplicate the layer “web”. Set the color on the layer “web” to black and move it in the new position like in the next picture:

new position34

Step 4

Duplicate the layer and move it; and move it again like this:

new position341

Step 5

Duplicate the layer again and add some perspective, change the opacity (to create a drop shadow effect) and you have a nice 3d text:

text final34

Step 6

You can now add a texture on your text or other effect:

text final341

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