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Step 4

Make a new layer and with the Polygonal Lasso Tool draw a rectangular on the front of the box.

Paperlamp Box

Fill it up with white and do the same shape on the other part of the box and again fill it up with white.

Paperlamp Box

Step 5

Select the Background layer. Set the Gradient Tool from a dark grey to an almost white and fill the background.

Paperlamp Box

With the Polygonal Lasso Tool draw a rectangular like the one in the image and fill it up with dark grey.

Paperlamp Box

Go to Filter->Blur->Gaussian Blur.

Paperlamp Box

Step 6

Now you can make the same rectangular on the side, like the white one and fill up with orange and yellow, or with the colors from your image. Add some text and here is the box.

Paperlamp Box

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