tutorial iconSoftware Box Design with Adobe Photoshop

Step 1

In this tutorial you will learn how to create a virtual software product box that you can use on your website and in other marketing materials.
Create a new document in Adobe Photoshop with the size 500x500 pixels. On a new layer draw a rectangle with the Rectangle Tool (you can find this tool on the Tools Tab). Set the background color for the rectangle to a light grey:

initial box

Step 2

Draw another rectangle having the dimension like in the next picture:

new rectangle32

Step 3

Open a picture and draw it over the rectangle. Resize it if the picture is bigger then you need to get something like this:

rectangle picture

Step 4

Using the Rectangle Tool (you can find this tool in the Tabs Tool) add more details on the product box:

product details

Step 5

Use the Text Tool to add some kind of text on your product:

product details2

Step 6

Now in the Layers Tab “link” the layers which you created. To do this click on the link box highlighted below (do not link the layer “background”):

link layers

Step 7

Now we will add some perspective on the front of the box. To add perspective “rasterize” first the layers which contain text. To do this step select the layer in the Layers Tab and choose Rasterize. Repeat the step for all the layers which contain text. Return now to the perspective effect: select Edit > Transform > Perspective and distort the picture like this (drag down the center of the left border):

distort picture32

Step 8

Use the Rectangle Tool to draw the box margins:

box margins

“Rasterize” the layer and apply a perspective effect:

margin box 1

Add another margin to the box:

margin box 2

Step 9

You can now add some details on your product box and some shadow. This is a virtual software box for your product. You can use it on the web site or for multimedia presentations:

final result32

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