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Step 2

This Adobe Photoshop tutorial will guide you through creating a space scene.
First we will create the star field using Photoshop.
Open a new document in Adobe Photoshop with a black background. Apply the next effect to the layer “background”: select Filter > Artistic > Film Grain. Use the next settings when applying the “film grain” effect:

film grain settings

Step 2

Duplicate the layer “background” and set the “blending mode for the layer” to “Linear Light”. This should be the result:

intermediary result29

Step 3

Select the layer “background” and choose Image > Adjustments > Brightness/Contrast with the next settings:

brightness contrast29

We will obtain the result:
intermediary result291

Now the star field is more realistic and the stars are disproportional.

Step 3

Duplicate the layer “background copy” (right click in the Layers Tab and choose Duplicate Layer). Set the “blending mode for the layer” to “Multiply”. With Eraser Tool (you can find it in the Tools Tab) delete an area like here (note: use a brush like “Soft Round 160 pixels”):

intermediary result292

Step 4

Draw a rectangle in a new layer (above the layer “background copy 2”) and set the rectangle background color to a dark blue. Set the “blending mode for the layer” to “Color Dodge” and the result should be this:

intermediary result293

Step 5

On the layer “background copy” select Filter > Render > Lens Flare and place a little star like in the next picture. Make the stars one by one and with a different lens flare dimension of the effect. If you are careful with the details you can obtain a result like this or even better:

intermediary result294

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