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This tutorial will show you how to quickly create from scratch a piece of paper and give it that trendy old/burned look.

Step 1

Open a new document, say 700x700px. Use whatever background color, it doesn’t matter. Then on a new layer make a rectangle and fill it with a light brown. I used “#CDBDA7″. Now go to Filters > Noise > Add noise. Check Gaussian and Monochromatic. The amount of noise to be used depends on the size of the canvas. I used 2.5%. You should have something like this:

empty paper

Step 2

Now take a small hard brush and start erasing the edges to give it that torn look. Like this:

paper with edges erased

Step 3

Now to give it that old look, take the burn tool and with a smaller brush start brushing along the edges. Then I used a larger soft brush and gave a few strokes in the middle too…This is just a quick one, to show you how to do it, but if you spend some time it should look pretty good. Ok, my image now looks like this:
burned paper

Well, that’s about it. I went ahead and added some text and ornaments to it, I also used some grunge brushes to make it look stained and here’s what I got:

ancient paper

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