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Step 1

Create a new document in Adobe Photoshop with the dimension 400x400 pixels and white background. Draw a rectangle with a very light grey color:

start rectangle

Step 2

Now we’ll add some effects on this rectangle. First we add the “Drop Shadow” effect. To do this select Layer > Layer Style > Drop Shadow. When applying this effect set the next settings in the window which appears:

drop shadow

And an intermediary result:

intermediary result

Step 3

Select Layer > Layer Style > Inner Shadow and apply the effect with the next settings:

inner shadow

And another intermediary result:

intermediary result

Step 4

Duplicate the layer using right click in the Layers Tab and selecting Duplicate Layer. Set the color to the new layer to a light blue (select Layer > Layer Style > Color Overlay and set the color in the settings window that appears to a light blue). In the Layers Tab set the “Blending Mode for this Layer” to “Color Burn”. Your result should be something like this:

intermediary result

Step 5

Duplicate the new layer and set the color overlay settings like here:

color overlay

And the result:

intermediary result

Step 6

On the new layer make a selection like here:

selected area

Use the DEL key to delete the selected area:

intermediary result

Step 7

Apply other elements to your box like some bullets or text and this is the final result:

final result

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