tutorial iconHandwriting Flash Movie

Step 1

Save the next picture (initial-hand.gif) on your computer. You need it to complete this tutorial.

initial hand

Step 2

Open a new flash document having the size 300x150 pixels.

Step 3

In Timeline Tab double click and rename layer1 to hand.

Step 4

Import in the main stage the picture initial-hand.gif, by using File > Import.

Step 5

Use Timeline Tab to create a new layer and rename it to text.

Step 6

In the first frame of the text layer, in stage, type text “asd” using a font close to handwriting. I chose “AdineKirnberg-Script” for this example.

Step 7

Reorder layers: hand layer before the text layer. The layers order should look like this:

reorder layers

Step 8

Before the text layer create a new layer and name it mask. Right click on the new layer and select the Mask option in the contextual menu.

layer mask

Step 9

Using the Paint Brush Tool in the first frame of the mask layer, try to follow the text contour: just one point here, next key frame next point …). This will take a little time. Just follow the letters, like this:

layer mask brush

Step 10

Place a new frame at frame 36 of the text layer and a new key frame at frame 2 of the mask layer:

layer mask new key frame

Step 11

With the Artbrush selected continue text contour with another point:

layer-mask brush plus

Step 12

Repeat the steps 10 and 11. You should get something like this:

layer mask brush final

Step 13

Ok. Now the hand animation.
Select the first frame of the hand layer. Place the crayon on first point of the mask:

layer hand step 13 timeline

layer hand step13

Step 14

Then a new key frame on the frame 2 of the hand layer and move the crayon on the next mask point.

Step 15

Repeat step 14 with a new key frame. Move the crayon key frame, by key frame to the final point of hand mask:

layer hand final timeline

layer hand final

And we’re done. You can even see how the hand is raised from the paper ;) :

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