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Step 6

Open the picture which you exported using File > Open. Choose Filter > Render > Lens Flare with the next settings to add a lighting effect to your picture:

lens flare

Step 7

Use the first moon picture from this tutorial and the “drag & drop” technique to insert a new moon in your scene, resize it and rotate it like here:

new moon

Set the Blending Mode for The Layers in the Layers Tab to “Opacity”.

Step 8

Duplicate the moon’s satellite and place it in a new position; flip it horizontally and vertically like in the picture below:

new moon two

Step 9

Using a scene effect you can obtain a result like this or something even better (probably I will show you how to do that in another Photoshop tutorial, so don’t forget to check DesignTutorials.info frequently :) ):

moon picture final

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