tutorial iconCentrifugal Movement

Step 1

Create a new document in Photoshop with a white background. New layer in the Layers Tab and draw some kind of lines using the Brush Tool. The color of the lines should be black:

initial lines

Step 2

Choose Filter > Blur > Motion Blur with this settings:

motion blur settings

Step 3

Using the Paint Bucket Tool (Tools Tab) color all the lines with white and the background with black. Like this:

colored lines

Step 5

Select Filter > Blur > Radial Blur with the next settings:

radial blur

And you obtain:

radial effect

Step 6

Draw a rectangle in a new layer with the color “#20424B” and set the layer “blending mode” (in the Layers Tab) to “Soft Light”.
That’s all. Here is the result: a centrifugal movement effect.

centrifugal final

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