tutorial iconCompany Rounded Logo Design

Step 1

Open Illustrator and create a new document with any size you want. Choose a company name and a slogan for this. I’ll use “Company” and “company slogan”.

Step 2

Inside the document type your company name and company slogan with what font you want. I’ve used “Arial Black” for company name and “Arial Regular” for the slogan:

initial text

Step 3

Choose a color for your text. For the company text a grey color and for slogan a dark blue color. Resize the text and add more space between the letters. Use the Character Tab for this operation. Set “tracking” to 100 for the “company” text and to 200 for the “slogan company” text:

text tracking

Now you have a logotype for your company.

Step 4

Let’s create a simple symbol for this company. Select Ellipse Tool (L) and draw an ellipse above the logo text:

company symbol step 1

company symbol step 2

Step 5

Draw another one, right click on the selection and select Make Compound Path:

company symbol step 3

Step 6

With the Pen Tool selected draw an area like this:

company symbol step 4

Step 7

Select all beside the text, right click and choose Make Clipping Mask:

company symbol step5

This should be te result:

company symbol step6

Step 8

Duplicate your symbol, then rotate it like here and you have a new logo for your company:

company logo final

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