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Step 1

Save on your computer the next pictures: “initial-picture1.gif” and “initial-picture2.jpg”.

initial picture1

initial picture2

Step 2

Create a new document in Adobe Photoshop with a gray background and import the pictures like this: the picture with the girl first and then the picture with that waves.

importing pics

Set the Blending modes for layers in the Layers Tab for layer wave to “Soft Light”. Using a Rough Round Bristle brush (Brush Tool in the Tab Tool) delete an area around the girl picture:


delete area

Step 3

Set the “Opacity” to 50% for the layer “wave” (in the Layers Tab) and create a new layer before the layer “wave”. Make a rectangle in this layer with the background color “#67551F”. Set Blending modes for layers to “Color”. The result should be:

new layer

Step 4

Select the layer “background” and add a new layer. Draw a rectangle in the your new layer with the color “#F9E7B1”. Add Layer Style in the Layers Tab and select “Drop Shadow” with the next settings:

shadow settings

Now you have a nice old picture effect:

final step

old picture final

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