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Step 1

Open the photo that you want to work with in Adobe Photoshop. If you don’t have a photo save the next one on your computer and open it in Adobe Photoshop:

image start

Step 2

Select Filter > Liquefy to add the comic effect on the picture. In the window which appears choose the Warp Tool. On the right side, in the same window, make the settings like in the next image:

liquefy settings

Step 3

Ok. With these settings, take the right corner of the mouth and drag it up and to the right. Make this carefully and in two or three steps. The result should be something like this:

intermediary result

Step 4

Now make the effect on the left mouth corner. Like in the previous step, do this carefully and in a few steps:

intermediary result

Step 5

If it’s necessary, adjust the middle of the mouth and this should be the result:

intermediary result

Step 6

Use the same effect to distort the eyebrows. Make this in a few steps and. This is my result, a funny effect on my picture:

intermediary result

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