tutorial iconGlass Orb Drawing

Step 1

Open a new document in Adobe Photoshop with the size 500x500 pixels and a white background.
Create an ellipse using the ellipse tool. You can find it in the Tools Tab, Ellipse Tool (U):
ellipse tool

Draw an ellipse like here:

draw ellipse

Step 2

Now we’re going to apply a few effects on this ellipse. First we’re going to apply the “Drop Shadow Effect”. To do this step select Layer > Layer Style > Drop Shadow or click on the icon Add Layer Style in the Layers Tab bottom. Use the next settings for this effect:

drop shadow

Step 3

Apply the Layer > Layer Style > Inner Shadow effect using for this the next settings:

inner shadow

Step 4

Now select Layer > Layer Style > Inner Glow with the settings:

inner glow

Step 5

Apply Layer > Layer Style > Bevel&Emboss. Use the next settings when applying the effect:

bevel emboss

Step 6

The final effect is “Color Overlay”. Select Layer > Layer Style > Color Overlay. Use the settings:

color overlay

This is our intermediary result after these steps:

intermediary result

Step 7

Draw an ellipse like here (use the Ellipse Tool; you can find it in the Tools Tab) and make a selection using the Elliptical Marquee Tool (M):

elliptical marquee

Select Select > Inverse and press the DELETE key to delete the selected area:

delete area

For this layer, set the opacity to 20% in the Layers Tab.

Step 8

Draw another ellipse like in the next picture. To do this check the step 7:

draw ellipse

Set the “Opacity” in the Layers Tab to 20%:


Step 9

With a “Soft Rounded Brush 180 Px” delete the top side of the new ellipse like here and you have a nice “glass orb” for your multimedia buttons:

delete area

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