tutorial iconImageReady Simple Banner Animation

Step 1

Save the next picture on your computer:

banner start picture

Step 2

Open a new document in Adobe ImageReady having the dimensions: 468x60 pixels.
Drag and drop your picture in the ImageReady document like this:

drop picture

Step 3

Open the window “animation” (Window > Animation) and insert a new frame for your animation using Tween Animation Frame with the next settings:

insert frame picture

settings picture

Step 4

In the new frame move the picture like in the next image:

move picture

Step 5

Insert a new frame by using Duplicate Current Frame:

new frame picture

Move the picture again, and then create a new frame in your Animation Tab and move again your picture. The result should be this:

new frame final

On the last frame (7) move down your picture:

new frame final plus

Step 6

In the first frame use the Text Tool to add a text on your stage. On the frames 4, 5, 6 and 7 remove your text using the Layers Tab like here:

remove text

Step 7

Export your picture File > Save Optimized As and you got simple banner animation:

final gif

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