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When you have to design a website, you should pick 2 basic colors. In this website green and black are the colors. From these colors you can get others. You should make a sketch of the site before you start the work.

Step 1

Open new document 500x550 pixels. Fill it up with black. Go to Layer > Layer Style > Stroke. Here set the size: 7 and color (#969696). Now we will place all the content in boxes.
Now we have the black background. We imaginary divide it into 2 columns. First column will have 3 boxes. We start with the one in middle. I will use this picture.
Make up Website
Open the image. Go to Layer > Layer Style > Stroke. Size: 1, Color: white. After the picture is ready drag it into the document and place it almost in the middle of the first column.
Make up Website

Step 2

So we can finish the first column we have to add two more rectangular. Open a new layer. With your Rectangular Marquee Tool draw a rectangular above the woman. Fill it up with #343434 and add some layer style (stroke); ca size: 1, color: white. Now add another one at the bottom and don`t forget the stroke.
Make up Website

Step 3

The right column is ready. Now the left one. Open a new layer. Draw a rectangular in the up-right corner. Here we will add the title and logo. Fill the rectangular with #343434, add the stroke like before.
Make up Website
Open a new document 46x10 pixels. To add some style to the box, we will work with some gradient, but we will make a little special. Fill the new document with (#55671d).Now drag it into the first document in the last layer. Do the same thing but with this color. We will go from dark to light. (#59720a) / (#5e780a) / (#759212) / (#7aa00f). Now you have a lot of new layers. Ctrl+Right Click and Merge Layers. You only do this with the layers that contain the green rectangular. Now duplicate the layer and move it at the bottom.
Make up Website

Step 4

Now open a new layer and with your Rectangular Marquee Tool draw a rectangular with the same width like the one above, but the height about half. Fill it with the same color and apply the stroke. Now add a little green rectangular on the right.
Make up Website
Duplicate the layer 2 times and place it under the first. This is the left column. Add some products in the boxes.
Make up Website

Step 5

Put the two columns together, add some text and this is the result. You can place the boxes how you like.
Make up Website

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