tutorial iconMetallic Text Effect

Step 1

Open a new document in Adobe Illustrator and draw a rectangle with the black background. Type whatever you want inside the rectangle. I chose “Bauer” like the name of the font I used:

initial metallic text

Step 2

Select your text and right click and choose Create Outlines:

create outlines

Step 3

In Swatch Tab choose the “white-black” gradient color for your text:

gradient color

Step 4

Set the gradient properties in the Gradient Tab Tool like this:

gradient properties

Set the stroke color to dark grey and the stroke “weight” to 2 pixels (in the Stroke Tab). Adjust the gradient position and you’ll get this:

gradient position

Step 5

Ok. Now add a reflection to your text. Duplicate your text (select and CTRL+C, then CTRL+V) and Object > Transform > Reflect:

reflect text

Remove the stroke and set the gradient properties like here:

gradient settings

Step 6

Now change the text “shear angle” (Object > Transform > Shear) to 40 degrees and resize the text to a small height dimension. You’re done:

final metallic text

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