tutorial iconPhotograph Eye Funny Effect

Step 1

To complete this tutorial, import on your computer the next pictures: “initial-photograph.jpg”, “initial-single-eye.jpg”.

initial photograph

initial single eye

Step 2

Open these pictures in Adobe Photoshop. Choose “initial-signle-eye.jpg” to work on it. With Circular Marquee select a area like this:

eye mask

Step 3

Now Select > Feather > Feather Selection “5 pixels”:

eye mask feather

Step 4

CTRL+C to copy the selected area. Choose “initial-photograph.jpg” to paste the selection. The result should be like this:

photograph eye

Step 5

Resize the eye:

photograph eye resize

Step 6

In Tab Layers set up the effect “Luminosity”:

eye effect

Step 7

Adjust the picture to be more “realistic” and that’s the result:

final photograph

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