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Step 1

In this tutorial you’ll learn how to design a party poster with Adobe Photoshop.
Save the next picture on your computer. You need it to complete this tutorial:

start picture

Step 2

Open the picture with Adobe Photoshop. Create a new document with a black background and the size 500x500 pixels. Import the picture in your document using “Drag & Drop” method (drag the picture in your document):

start picture

Step 3

Select the layer which contains the picture, in the Layers Tab, and choose Layer > New Adjustment Layer > Threshold. Set the “Threshold level” to 130:

hold picture

Select the Blur Tool in the Tools Tab and adjust the picture (trace over the picture with the tool):

adjust picture

Step 4

Duplicate the layer which contains the picture (right click in the Layers Tab and select Duplicate Layer) and move it in a position like here:

duplicate layer

Step 5

Draw a rectangle with a pink color and place it at the top of your work and above all layers:

draw rectangle

Step 6

Draw another one and place it like here:

draw rectangle

Step 7

Select the first pink rectangle and set the opacity, in the Layers Tab, to 50%. Select the second rectangle and set the opacity to 25%, and move it above the first one like in the next picture:

pink picture

Step 8

Duplicate the last rectangle, set the opacity to 50%, and place it like here:

pink picture

Step 9

Repeat the step until your result is something like this:

pink picture

Step 10

Ok. You can add another elements to your work, like text or other graphics. This is my result:

final picture

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