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Step 6

Duplicate the layer “background copy” (this is the layer where you draw the stars) and set the “blending mode for the layer” to “Color”.

intermediary result295

Step 6

Duplicate the layer “Shape1” (set the background color to black and “blending mode for the layer” to “Normal”) and add two lens flare like here (rasterize layered first; right click on the layer’s name in the Layers Tab and select Rasterize):

intermediary result296

Step 7

On the new layer apply the next effect: Filter > Blur > Radial Blur. When apply the effect use the settings:

blur settings291

And an intermediary result:

intermediary result297

Step 8

Delete an area and set the “blending mode” to “Linear Light”. With a little bit more attention to the details you can obtain a much better result :

intermediary result298

We can continue our work and make a space combat scene:

intermediary result299

Or you can make the star field more realistic. What I want to show you is how to do a realistic scene using just Adobe Photoshop:

intermediary result2901

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