tutorial iconWireless Mouse with Adobe Photoshop

Step 1

This tutorial will help you through making a simple, but realistic-looking wireless mouse using Adobe Photoshop.
Open a new document in Adobe Photoshop with the size 500x500 pixels and a white background.
Create an ellipse using the ellipse tool. You can find it in the Tools Tab, Ellipse Tool (U):

ellipse tool

Draw an ellipse like here:

draw ellipse

Step 2

Now we’re going to apply a few effects on this ellipse. First we’re going to apply the “Drop Shadow Effect”. To do this step select Layer > Layer Style > Drop Shadow or click on the icon Add Layer Style in the Layers Tab bottom. Use the next settings for this effect:

drop shadow

Step 3

Apply the Layer > Layer Style > Inner Shadow effect using for this the next settings:

inner shadow

Step 4

Now select Layer > Layer Style > Inner Glow with the settings:

inner glow

Step 5

Apply Layer > Layer Style > Bevel & Emboss. Use the next settings when applying the effect:

bevel emboss

Step 6

The final effect is “Color Overlay”. Select Layer > Layer Style > Color Overlay. Use the settings:

color overlay

This is our intermediary result after these steps:

intermediary result

Step 7

Draw a new ellipse, in a new layer, on the top of the first one and set opacity to 32%. To set the opacity check the Layers Tab:

change opacity

And this should be your result:

intermediary result plus

Step 8

Ok. Now we’re going to make the mouse buttons. To do this select the last ellipse which you drew. Use the Single Column Marquee Tool (you can find it in the Tools Tab) to delete the four lines in the ellipse center like here:

mouse buttons

Step 9

We’re making the scrolling mouse button. Take the Rectangular Marquee Tool (in the Tools Tab), set the “smooth border” to 7 px. To do this select Select > Modify > Smooth and set the “Samples Radius” to 7 pixels. Delete the selected are and the result:

deleted area

Step 9

Move the selection in this position (the Rectangular Marquee Tool should be selected):

next position

Use CTRL+C and CTRL+V to copy the selection to a new layer. Move and resize the new layer; with the Single Row Marquee Tool delete an area like here and set the opacity to 50%:

delete button

Step 10

Now select all layers (but not the layer “background”) and use Edit > Transform > Scale to make the mouse oval. Using the backgrounds elements or more mouse details you can obtain a result like me, or even better:

final mouse

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