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Step 1

Open the next picture in Adobe Photoshop. Save it first on your computer.

start image

Step 2

Create a new document in Adobe Photoshop with the size 360x600 pixels. Drag the picture which you saved in this new document and place it at the bottom. Draw now a rectangle in a new layer with a light blue color like #7AB5FD; set the “blending mode” for this layer, in the Layers Tab, to “Soft Light”:

blue rectangle

Step 3

“Rasterize” the blue rectangle. To do this, right click in the Layers Tab, and select Rasterize Layer. Now, with a small brush like “Soft Rounded 30 pixels”, and delete the area which contain the shadow of the headphones:

deleted area

Step 4

Duplicate the layer “Layer 1” and delete an area like here with same brush tool:

deleted area

Add the motion blur effect on this layer. To do this select Filter > Blur > Motion Blur with the next settings:

motion blur

After these steps your result should be something like this:

intermediary result

Step 5

Select the layer “Layer 1 copy” in the Layers Tab and set the opacity to 72%; move it in the position like here:

intermediary result

Step 6

Duplicate the layer “Layer 1 copy” and apply the motion blur effect with the next settings:

motion blur

Move the layer in the position like here and set the opacity to 50%:

intermediary result

Step 7

Select the layer “Shape 1” and delete an area like in the next picture, using a “rounded soft brush 100 pixels”:

intermediary result

Step 8

Draw a rectangle, with a yellow color, above all layers, and place it lake here; set the “blending mode” to “Soft Light”:

intermediary result

Step 9

With a “Soft Rounded Brush 200 pixels” delete an area and here’s the result:

intermediary result

Now you can play with the contrast and luminosity, or lighting effect to get this:

intermediary result

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