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Step 1

Open Adobe Photoshop and create a new document with a white background color. Draw a sphere in you document, using the “Ellipse Tool” (find this tool in the Tools Tab). To make the sphere symmetric hold down the SHIFT key when you are drawing the sphere:

initial sphere

Step 2

Select Layer > Layer Style > Drop Shadow to add shadow to your layer. Apply the next settings for this effect:

drop shadow

Step 3

Apply the “Inner Shadow” effect. To do this, select Layer > Layer Style > Inner Shadow with the next settings:

inner shadow

After these two steps the result should be something like this:

intermediary result

Step 4

Create a new sphere with a white color and “resterize” the layer which contains this sphere:

new sphere

Step 5

Make a selection on this sphere like this:

selected area

Delete the selected area and set the opacity for this layer to 25%:

layer opacity

Step 6

Duplicate the layer, resize it and rotate it, move it like below (to make these actions check the Edit options menu):

new sphere

Step 7

Duplicate the layer “Shape 1” and set the “Blending Mode”, in the Layers Tab, to “Pin Light”:

new layer

Step 8

Duplicate it again and set the “Blending Mode” to “Multiply”. Make this step again and this is the result:

new sphere

Step 9

You can now play with the details and obtain a nice translucent ball:

final ball

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