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Step 1

Open the next picture in Photoshop. Like in many of our tutorials we used a picture provide by http://www.sxc.hu/.

bmw start

Step 2

Right click on the layer in the Layers Tab and Duplicate Layer. Now we have two layers: the layer “background” and the layer “Background copy”:

duplicate layer

Step 3

On the layer “background copy” apply the next effect: Filter > Blur > Radial Blur using the settings:

radial blur settings

Step 4

Apply the step 3 again:

bmw blur

Step 5

Resize the layer “background” to a small dimension like here:

bmw resize

Step 6

Select the layer “background copy” and delete an area using an “Airbrush Soft Round 100” (Brush Tool in the Tools Tab):

bmw motion

Step 7

To the layer “background copy” apply the Filter > Render > Lighting Effects using the settings:

render settings

Step 8

Choose the layer “background” and apply the radial blur effect using Filter > Blur > Radial Blur with the settings:
radial blur again

Step 9

Apply the radial blur again, for the same layer, but this time with the next settings:

radial blur back

Step 10

Rotate the layer “background” to the left and look at the result:

bmw final

Now you can play with the contrast and luminosity settings on the layers:

bmw final plus

Add lens flare using Filter > Render > Lens Flare. I chose “Movie Prime” with 133% brightness settings:

bmw final plus2

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