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Step 1

This tutorial should help you through making a simple, yet realistic-looking microphone using Adobe Photoshop CS 2, and only Adobe Photoshop CS 2.
Open a new document in Adobe Photoshop CS 2 with the size 500x500 pixels and a white background. Create a new circle in a new layer on your scene. To do this use the Ellipse Tool (U), you can find it in the Tools Tab (if the Tools Tab is not open select Window > Tools to open it).

To make a perfect rounded circle hold down the SHIFT key when you draw the ellipse. Now you have two layers in the Layers Tab: the layer “background” and the layer which contains the circle. Name this layer “circle”. Right click on the layer “circle” in the Layers Tab and select the option Rasterize Layer. On the same layer apply a gradient color. To do this, select Layer > Layer Style > Gradient Overlay; use the next settings for the “Gradient Overlay” (you can add an gradient to an layer using the Layers Tab window, just clicking the icon “Add a Layer Style” at the bottom of the window):

gradient overlay settings

After this step the result should be like this:

gradient overlay image

Step 2

Duplicate the layer “circle”. Name this new layer “duplicate circle” and delete the gradient effect. Click on the arrow icon in the Layers Tab to view the “Layers Effects”, right click on the effect and Disable Layer Effects (you can delete the layer effect just using the “drag & drop” technique: drag the layer effect on the recycler icon in the bottom of the Layers Tab). In the Tools Tab select the Single Column Marquee Tool and delete a area like in the next picture (to do this use the next technique: 3 steps right, delete, 3 steps right, delete … and do this for entire area of the circle):
Look at an intermediary step:

deleted area inter

And the final step:

deleted area final

Step 3

Using the Filter > Distort > Spherize apply a “Spherize Effect” to the layer “duplicate circle”. Use the next settings for the “Spherize Effect”:

spherize effect

Adjust the size of the layer “duplicate circle”. To do this select Edit > Transform > Scale and reduce the scale until it has the initial size (this may be the same size with the size of the “circle” layer; hold on the SHIFT key, in this case the resize area should be symmetric) like here:

resize sphere

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