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Step 4

Duplicate the layer “duplicate circle” and name it “duplicate circle 90″. Rotate the layer with 90 degrees choosing Edit > Transform > Rotate 90° CW and set the opacity (in the Layers Tab) to 18%. After this step you should obtain the next result:

rotate sphere

Step 5

Set the background color to a light green (#dffca2). For this double click on the “Foreground Color” in the Tools Tab and type the color code like here (or choose the color using the “Color Sampler”):

color sampler

Add a lighting effect to the layer “background” using Filter > Render > Lighting Effects. We’re doing this step to apply a kind of perspective to our work:

lighting effect

And this is the result after this step:

background perspective

Step 6

Above the layer “duplicate circle 90″ make a new layer and draw a rectangle inside this new layer. Name the new layer “rectangle”. Set the rectangle color to black (double click on the “Layer Thumbnail” in the Layers Tab and set the black color in the window that appears):

rectangle layer

Step 7

Right click in the Layers Tab and select Rasterize Layer (do this to manipulate easier the rectangle). Using the Elliptical Marquee Tool (M) (select that in the Tools Tab), delete an area like in the next picture:

rectangle delete area 1

With the same tool delete an area like this:

rectangle delete area 2

Make same thing on the right side of the rectangle, and the result:

rectangle deleted

Step 8

Transform the rectangle perspective using Edit > Transform > Perspective. Drag the bottom-left rectangle corner to the center like here:

rectangle perspective

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