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Step 9

Make another rectangle at the bottom of the first one, change the perspective and adjust the position to be like here:

rectangle two

Step 10

Duplicate the layer “rectangle”; now you have a new layer “rectangle copy”. Change the color by selecting Layer > Layer Style > Color Overlay and choose a light grey color. Use Elliptical Marquee Tool to delete an area of the rectangle:

rectangle two delete 1

Now select Select > Inverse and delete again:

rectangle two delete 2

Step 11

Use a small brush like “Soft Round 135 pixels” to delete the right and the left margins of the layer “rectangle copy”. Do this step with caution if you want the result to be something like this:

rectangle two delete 3

Step 12

Duplicate the layer “rectangle copy” and move it in a new position like here:

rectangle three 1

Duplicate the layer again and move it again. Pay attention to details and the result is something like:

rectangle three2

You can play with the details or the background elements like me, or better, and the results can be very realistic; now you have a microphone created using just Abode Photoshop CS 2:

microphone final scene

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